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Who is Elementary School Nutrition Services (ESNS)?

ESNS was created in response to the growing needs of Elementary School Administrators and a shortage of volunteers who assisted in running both milk and lunch programs in the schools.

The lack of volunteers along with the new nutritional guidelines set out by the Ministry of Education PPM150 resulted in the development of ESNS. Our goal was to remove as much of the administrative duties from the school facilitators and volunteers as we could, along with thinking outside the box to offer fun nutritious programs for all ages to enjoy!

ESNS provides a no-nonsense approach.   Our products are ordered on line by parents in a secure environment, and payment is made directly to ESNS.   All products meet or exceed the nutritional guidelines set out by the Ministry of Education and are delivered safely, and stocked fresh. 

School Administrators and volunteers are provided with all the necessary documentation to pack and distribute their products each day to classrooms.   If schools are not able to find volunteers we can provide a Healthy Helper (some conditions apply) who will manage the program at the school each day. 

Every product sold on our website generates a commission to the school.  Fundraising reports and commission cheques are sent directly to the school each month.

We are the single point of contact for parents eliminating calls to the administration at the schools.

 We are committed to providing full administration, fulfilment of orders and parent support for all of our elementary school luxury milk and lunch programs. We will continue to work with local suppliers to bring new and exciting programs to an Elementary School near you!

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 We believe that proper nutrition provides the building blocks for our students overall health and wellbeing and increases their ability to learn!