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In October 2011, Blessed Kateri partnered with Elementary School Nutrition Services (ESNS) to provide our lunch and beverage program to our students.

ESNS has provided us a Varied and healthy menu including milk (white and chocolate), juice, sub sandwiches, Wraps and pizza. Not to mention fun and healthy snacks such as fruit kabobs and veggies and dip.

We have appreciated ESNS dedication to providing nutritious menu for our students and would not hesitate to recommend them for your consideration.

We plan to continue to partner With ESNS in our 2012/2013 school year.

Bill Haber – Principal Blessed Kateri Catholic School

As a pilot school for Elementary School Nutrition Services, I have been immensely satisfied with the obliging and always courteous service that they provide. I have been involved with ordering milk for the Wellesley School for almost nineteen years and I understand that unique complications arise daily in a school environment; E.S.N.S. has been very accommodating with our parents and school.

The nutritional products supplied by E.S.N.S. are always visually appealing and appetizing which can be verified by the repeat orders from students. The online ordering required a very short adjustment period for parents and they appreciate the order reminders, instant confirmations (no more lost orders in backpacks) and the ability to print monthly calendars. The delivery service has always been prompt and efficient.

Their entire staff, from the order desk to the drivers, is courteous, friendly and very willing to give that extra effort to make our school nutrition and pizza program run smoothly. It is a pleasure to work with a company that provides such efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Saundra Martin – Wellesley Public School

Brigadoon P. S. School Council decided to use ESNS to provide our milk and pizza program beginning in September 2011. We have been very impressed with the service they provide. The paid parent “milk lady” is reliable and works independently. The process goes so smoothly that we
barely notice when she comes and goes. She deals with all the set up, delivery and daily problems. All of the employees from ESNS are polite and helpful.

Our parents love the online option and have found that dealing directly with ESNS to be problem-free. A recent survey showed that parents were pleased with the service and quality of ESNS.

We will be continuing with ESNS next year as we are able to offer milk and pizza without collecting money, finding volunteers or worrying about ordering. That we also make some money is an added bonus.

Yours truly,

Kristin Phillips – Principal Brigadoon P. S. School Council